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My name is Kyle McCormick. If you have a deal you want to put together, or if you want your organization to operate more efficiently, let me know. I'd like to help.

George Orwell’s Six Rules of Writing

In this essay, first published in 1946, George Orwell laid out his six rules for writing.  Note how they apply not just to writing, but to all forms of communication.  Think about all of the books/articles/speeches/presentations/conversations (especially conversations!) that would be … Continue reading

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Being Happy Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry

A highly regarded businessman and I were walking into a meeting when we bumped into someone he knew.  “How are you?” they asked him. “I’m good,” he said.  “I’m always good.”  His friend laughed.  “You are always good!” they said. Later, … Continue reading

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The Good Old Days

Sometimes, it seems like you can’t go anywhere without meeting at least one person who is quick to shake their head and utter some variation of, “It’s not like it used to be around here.” “This town is not like used to … Continue reading

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The Opposite of Confidence

Spend time with exceptionally smart, accomplished people and one thing will quickly become clear: when they don’t know the answer to something, they have no problem just admitting it.  Acknowledging that something falls outside their realm of expertise simply doesn’t bother them because they don’t feel the … Continue reading

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Making Expediency of Necessity

The (now retired) head of a department which served thousands of constituents recently told me a story. Years ago, his top employee ─ a smart, friendly, incredibly hardworking individual ─ began to act a bit aloof and “standoffish” toward him.  This greatly … Continue reading

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Sell What You’ve Got

I was listening to the owner of numerous successful businesses as he discussed marketing strategies, and he said, “Make sure you sell what you’ve got.  If you’ve got grey hair (or no hair at all), sell your experience.  If you’re … Continue reading

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Problem Solving Technique: Create a Pleasant Environment

There are lots of simple yet highly effective ways to diffuse conflict before it even occurs.  Here’s a great one: a divorce mediator I know of bakes cookies and brings them to her mediation sessions.  As she puts it, “It’s kind of hard … Continue reading

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